Dr. Brittany Lewis’s actionable research products and the ability to communicate complex ideas to mixed audiences provides community, policymakers, and practitioners the tools that they need to make important interventions into existing policies and programs.

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Engage with Dr. Brittany Lewis to make research relevant and actionable for those communities most affected by urban disinvestment and to advance systems change through high quality thought leadership, community engaged action research, and speaking.

Thought Leadership & Speaking

  • Present complex urban planning, design, and community economic development ideas, trends, and histories to mixed audiences for corporations, non-profits, government, and community
  • Provide expert opinions on critical legal issues
  • Write expert analysis on local, state, and federal policy or programmatic changes

Community Engaged Action Research

  • Conduct generative and evaluative human center research analysis
  • Gather, code, analyze qualitative data
  • Discover best practices, analyze and collect existing literature and quantitative data
  • Develop data collection instruments that include semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and surveys.
  • Write, review, and edit actionable research products and policy brief
  • Co-design and analyze program evaluation metrics
  • Identify and design human centered community engagement approaches

“Dr. Lewis tenacious, grounded, powerful approach to her work is deliberate and infectious. She is asking questions that many others in the field are not asking, using approaches that get deeper than traditional approach get, and engaging with communities in ways that people often do not know how to do. She brings a unique ability to blend and merge multiple sources of knowledge into high quality, evidence based, applied research. As a writer, teacher and speaker, Dr. Lewis engages her audience in the complexity of her work in a way that makes the data accessible to a wide variety of people. Her comfortability connecting with people across a diverse spectrum of experiences and understanding allows her to communicate with great effectiveness.”

Neeraj Mehta, Director of Learning at the McKnight Foundation

Knowledge and Experience

Ten years of experience conducting large scale mixed methodological research projects with an emphasis on qualitative data findings and community centered public policy action.

Ten years of experience building, maintaining and cultivating external community-based partnerships.

Ten years of experience building, maintaining, and cultivating relationships with funders, actively fundraising, and writing and submitting grant proposals.


Ten years of experience in project management, which includes developing, tracking, and managing budgets and developing and reinforcing collaborative action research ethics with community-based partners, funders, and allies to execute large scale research projects together for the purpose of producing actionable tools for policy change.

Ten years of experience serving on relevant boards and city and state commissions to share research findings, which are used to develop plans for implementation.

Ten years of experience speaking locally and nationally on the impact and importance of actionable research findings providing innovative urban strategies and tools for policy change.